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I came across this video of a guy playing with a cute tgirl. I didn't recognize the actress and she wasn't credited. I like the earlier part of the video when the guys in stuffing her asshole with a big dildo and she is rocking on it - she looks more like a toy to him than the dildo. The submissive streak in me really connects with being played like this. Hmmmmm!
Tgirl Sex

Captions: Nancy's Treatments


I came across more images from the same artist, Davina, that I posted in Sissy Art by Davina, Part 1 and Sissy Art by Davina, Part 2. These images didn't have any captions to them, so I decided to add some to tell a short story. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed making them!

Grazielly Fellini (a.k.a. Fabiane Spears and Fabiane de la Costa)


Grazielly Fellini, also credited as "Fabiane De La Costa", "Fabiane Spears" and "Britney Queers," is cute - plain and simple. She is adorable. Her cheekily pretty face, sleek figure and petite all natural breasts (that she sometimes manages to get to lactate!) makes me green with envy.

Porn producer Joey Silvera announced at the AVN Awards one year that he found a transsexual girl in Brazil that looked just like Britney Spears. He put Grazielly on the cover of a number of his videos under the name "Fabiane de la Spears" and made sure that she was filmed saying "Oops!"

I just adore Grazielly's  limp, shrunken penis. If you check out her earliest work and compare it to later years, you can see just how much smaller (and cuter) it becomes.

Video of Fabiane servicing some lucky guy

An early video of Grazielly, using the name Fabiane Spears

Another older video of hers with another t-girl

In a hot tub with the same t-girl

A really old video, before her genitals shrank

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