Ass Play is more than just fun; It's an obsession!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I can't begin to express how much I adore having my asshole stretched and my bottom filled.
I love it. I really love it. To me, it is pretty much an obsession.


I personally like to be held face down and have penetration forced on me.
It's very erotic and I really get off on it. I think that it is because of a submissive streak that I have...

I enjoy getting rammed up my ass real hard and fast (with lots of lube of course), but this is not for everyone. I like to be spontaneously taken from behind, like maybe when I’m doing the dishes my lover comes over and yanks my shorts down and does me.

Other times, I like it to be slow and edging. Having my lover stretch me with their fingers... Oh! I really love the feeling of those fingers working me as my hole gets spread. Once three fingers are in, I need a few moments to adjust. Then a fourth and (hopefully) the entire hand. The feeling is exquisite and I have to keep my hand off my sissy clit because I could cum right then. It's all so damn wicked and I love giving myself to my lover this way.

I love the times when my lover gets balls deep and slams away while I play with my clitty... When I have to cum, I let my lover know so they can cum deep in my ass at the same time. 

What is even better is when I am not allowed to cum.
I love looking in a mirror to see that warm cum leak from my hole...

One of the most wonderful feelings in the world for me is the sensation you get when your asshole lovingly warps around a large butt plug just as it passes through your sphincter. 

I also like to play with my lover as they penetrate me... like rhythmically contracting my sphincter around my lover as they slide in and out of my bottom.



I love having anal sex and I love when we go inside me bareback but I am not a fan of scat. I always take at least two enemas prior to sex, and I feel very clean inside. Actually, I consider getting the enema part of foreplay...


I would love to experience getting a large volume enema using a double bardex retention nozzle. These are the enema nozzles that have inflate balloons on either side of your sphincter so that in stays in place not matter how much pressure builds up. Hmmmm!

As part of my love for all things anal is that I really get off by having my asshole itself stretched wide and enjoy large object insertions. Speculums are really fun, but they don't seem to widen me up as much as my libido demands. Perhaps I should try a speculum made for farm animals - they look really big and seems like they would give me a good expansion. 

As I have mentioned before, I have a thing about feminine hygiene products and tampons in particular. I like to stretch my ass by seeming just how many tampon applicators I can slip in side-by-side.

Often, I'll slip in a tampon in morning, just remind myself while I am at work just how much of a sissyfag I am. In fact, as I write this, I have a Tampax Super Absorbent tampon nestled up my sissy hole.

Besides tampons, I have had quite a variety of things inserted into my bottom, including water bottles, shampoo bottles, wine bottles, vegetables, candles, sausages, anal beads, hands, and really large toys.


By far, the best anal experiences for me are those where my sissy clit stays small and limp. Often, I'll wear a couple of rubber cock rings that are way too small to help prevent my clitty from behaving in any way that might be seen as masculine. A good sissy is always soft and I try to always be a good sissy.

One thing that I haven't tried but I am dying to experience is double anal. Two rods of thick flesh pumping away in my hole at the same time makes me quiver just thinking about it.

One good about porn videos is that you can get some really fun ideas from others. Here are a few to inspire you for your next anal adventure.

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