Have you ever asked yourself "Who is that Girl?"

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I suspect that many of the readers of APS have looked at a lot of shemale porn. I also suspect that many of the readers of this blog have occasionally seen a picture of some t-gurl and had no idea who they are looking at and what to know the name of the model.

Once you know her name it is easier to search for more of their work online. Perhaps find out what videos she is in, what other photosets are available and if she has her own website or blog.

Thankfully, there are a couple of resources available for us to find out more about those lovely, unknown girls. Take a look at the TS Identification Database and the Shemale Model Index.

These sites list a lot of girls - thousands of them in fact. They list the girls alphabetically with thumbnails. Shemale Model Index also provides an advanced search feature that lets you search for gurls by name, country, ethnicity, eye color, sites that they appear in, the type of action, etc.

Isabella Ferraz


Isabella Ferraz is one of those girls that makes my mouth water. She has those wonderfully delicious and obviously fake boobs that any sissy would envy. 

She has such a cute little nose, captivating eyes and full, cock-sucking lips. I adore her full, ample rear end. I just bet that it is full of so much silicone that she floats in water. I could see myself with my nose buried in her ass cheeks for hours on end. 

I just want to jump give her lovely dick-head a lick before peeling back its fleshy foreskin confines with my lips and settling in for a good, long suck... I would love to have this long cock shoved deep down my throat as my tongue massages her tiny little testicles - and her balls are so wonderfully small, aren't they?

I think what I admire most about this Brazilian beauty is that she has obviously molded her body for sex. Who could look at those rounded mounds on her chest and not think that she wanted them that way to attract sex partners? Her huge ass makes an obvious statement about her desire to get pounded. When I look at Isabella's silicone enhance figure, I can't help but want to be just like her.

The brunette is Isabelly Ferraz (aka Isabella Ferraz) and the blond is Kamila Smith

Sucking Off Isabelly Ferraz

Loading Cum Filled Trannies Isabelly Ferraz and Junior Gaucho Video

Cum Filled Trannys

Isabelly Ferraz Double Penetration

Isabelly Ferraz Solo

Movies Featuring Shemales With Small Uncut Clits


Many regular readers of APS know that I prefer, small, flaccid members on sissies. A bi guy from the UK has a blog called Small Soft Uncuts that I really enjoy. He just posted "New movies featuring shemales who own small uncuts" that features a series of short clips of some adorable clitties.

Tgurl Asses That I Want To Lick

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Not much that I need to say about this post...

Anal Creampie Dumped To Girl's Mouth


Just a quick post about another nasty-ass video that speaks to the anal slut in me. Although the video is pretty good overall, the last couple of minutes are just fan-fucking-tastic. If you like the idea of cum dripping from a pretty girl's ass into the mouth of another slut, you might wish to give this video a look.

Alexia Freire

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 0 comments

Alexia Freire is another one of those stunning Latin tgurls that we know almost nothing about. All that I could find about her was that she is from Brazil, that she was born in 1985 and that she has been in a slew of adult films.

Still, I think that she is super cute. She has wonderful, non-enhanced breasts, a truly adorable face, and great ass. She is not the most voluptuous girl in the film industry but her "girl next door" look certainly makes her one of the most natural beauties out there!

It kind of goes without saying that I would love to look just like Alexi, and I suspect would just about any other sissy.

Alexia Outdoors

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