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Soft, Tiny, and Wonderful!

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How to Make a Frozen Cum Swirl Margarita

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There are many wonderful recipes on the internet for making drinks, especially Margaritas. Here is a variation of one of my favorites, the Frozen Swirl Margarita, but with the added delight of semen. 

 As you'd expect, the more semen you add the better and half the fun of this drink is collecting the delicious jism in the first place. You can collect this precious juice in a condom (one without spermicide) as you suck off your lover and then transfer it into a small mixing bowl. 

If you are drinking your own, I suggest milking your prostate. By milking rather than simply jerking off, you won't climax so the drink experience should be even more exciting for sissies like you and me. 

Mix in a blender, combine 1.5 oz of tequila, 1/2 oz of triple sec, a squirt of lime juice, and 3 oz of sour mix as you would a regular Margarita. Add crushed ice until the blender is almost full before closing the lid. Shake the ingredients well and turn on the blender for at least 15 seconds. Check the texture of the drink by scooping a portion with your spoon. The texture should be a little slushy. Blend the drink some more if necessary. 

 In the mixing bowl, add 2-3 teaspoons of strawberry or raspberry syrup to the cum and mix thoroughly. 

Now comes the difficult part - making the swirl. First, Dip the rim of the Margarita glass in water and slowly swirl it in a dish of salt. Using a spoon, scoop about half of the flavored cum syrup from the bowl and, with the Margarita glass tilted on an angle, drizzle the syrup along the inside of the glass while slowly spinning it. This will create a swirl effect. Now, fill the glass with the blended drink and then pour the remainder of the syrup on top. Stir it once with your stirrer in order to create an additional swirl effect and then add a wedge of lime to the rim.

For a slightly simpler recipe skips the swirl and just adds the cum-flavored syrup in the blender.


Bimbo and Barbies

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Other women may say that they hate them...
Some men claim not to be interested in *that* kind of woman...
Feminists are disappointed with them...

Bimbo and Barbies, I want to be just like them!

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