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Lots of cum in her mouth! I want to be her!

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Help Stop Male Masturbation!

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There’s an epidemic sweeping the globe and hardly anyone is talking about it. Male masturbation is a blight on this earth. At any given moment of any given day there are literally thousands of men – young and old – with a hand wrapped around their dicks trying to stroke out a load. They’re in the shower, thinking about ex-girlfriends. They’re in bathroom stalls in office building restrooms, fantasizing about stacked receptionists. They’re sitting in front of their laptops scrolling through Tumblr and whacking off to Internet porn. It’s disgraceful.

And do you know who’s to blame? Bimbos and Sissies. Because wherever there’s a man pleasuring himself, there’s a little slut who should be doing it for him.

Think about it girls: all that wasted cum. It’s a travesty! All that hot, white gooeyness that should be coating the inside of your mouth, moisturizing your face, or lubricating your fuck holes… gone! Thrown away in a wad of tissue. It’s a shame.

All over this earth there are men who are not getting their cocks sucked on a regular basis, who come home after work and don’t have a big-breasted bimbo or wanton sissy cumslut waiting there in a skimpy bathing suit and some high heels, just itching to get her ass pounded. I know! Unthinkable!

It’s a horrible state of affairs, but YOU CAN do something about it: spread your legs, drop to your knees amd open your mouth. This is no doubt that every sissy reading this knows a dozen or so men desperately in need of a ball draining. Only YOU can finally put an end to male masturbation.

That guy at work with the frigid wife? Doesn’t he deserve a blowjob in his car on your lunch break? The cute neighbour-boy whose girlfriend moved away to college? Invite him over on a Saturday afternoon and let him bend you over the kitchen counter. What about that guy who lives in your apartment building, the one you always bump into in the lobby as he gets home from work, stacks of paperwork under his arms, his eyes bloodshot with lack of sleep? I’ll be you could get him to blow a load on your face in the elevator before you get to his floor. Push the emergency stop if you have to!

Listen girls, male masturbation is a serious problem. But we can find a cure! And finding a cure starts with you sticking a dick in your slutty little mouth.
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